"Sareanda's specialized approach is helping me to undo blocks linked to intimacy, sexuality and the heart. Her reverent healing touch and steady intuition are helping me to heal issues that I've yearned to address, but haven't known how. Her use of gentle medicine song leads me to a deep place in myself. She helps me to enter into zones of surrender, vulnerability, acceptance, reassurance, integration and whole self wellness. I'm truly grateful for her practice and offering." ~Elisa Sciscioli


Every area of our lives benefits when we attend to our pelvic well-being.


My work is caring for your pelvic health throughout your life cycle.  My care and your own pelvic self-care help relieve pelvic pain, ease menstrual cramping, improve fertility and menstrual cycle regularity, support healthy child-birthing, provide post-partum rehabilitation of the pelvic and abdominal muscles, prevent uterine prolapse and incontinence, enhance sexual vitality, and improve the experience of menopause.


How?  With skilled bodywork, healing movement, deep relaxation, and botanical allies we work together to address your body's unique needs.


'What a lovely touch, unlike any kind of massage I've experienced before, she helped take me to such a quiet, rooted, deep inner place that I've been searching for.'


'This massage feels as pleasurable and relaxing as a full body massage with emphasis and TLC on the belly plus yummy tea, singing, meditation with a kind hearted and incredibly loving healer.'

amrita. empowering health, spirit, and joy in the root of the female body