My mama Rita chose to birth me at home and raise me in the forested campgrounds and trailer parks of northern California.  We had little money but lots of love.  I remember my mama feeding the neighborhood children her simple oatmeal breakfasts from off our tiny woodstove in the bread truck she'd converted into a home.  My practice reflects her generous spirit and her sensibility of 'giving the good Lord a little credit for intelligence'...meaning to eat and live unrefined, close to creation and to share what you have.  I've distilled my mother's teachings into my practice to provide accessible holistic women's health care, infused with the spirit of the wilds.  It's my simple bowl of oats for you.

Blessings for your woman body, your mother, your grandmothers, and your daughters as you gather your own roots of healing in this wild life.





amrita. empowering health, spirit, and joy in the root of the female body