This work came to me as a divine gift and I share it with you as such. In a deep bow to my mother Rita, and to all my teachers, friends, and the natural world who have abundantly supported me, I am gifting sessions to all my clients. You are not obligated to pay for a session. You may offer to give money or goods toward sessions for other women. This allows you to decide whether or not to gift care to another woman, and if so, how much is sustainable for you to give. This gifting economy connects you to others, keeps my practice afloat and respects the priceless and precious nature of this work. 11% of all you give goes to Maya midwives in Guatemala and orphaned children in Northern India to give back to the people and cultures who've offered so much medicine to us.


How much you'd like to gift for toward other womens' sessions is up to you. A suggested sliding scale based on 'market' value is:

Gift an Initial session: $0-200

Gift a Follow-up session: $0-160

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