Our whole community benefits when we take care of ourselves well; I encourage you to devote yourself to regular, loving self-care. 

It is also beautiful to ask for help, so I encourage you in community care.  Community care is skill sharing for health care access...friendly exchanges of bodywork, healthcare education, counsel, etc., such that 'expert' or 'professional' status is dissolved into a simple, kind caring for one another.  We all know how to touch each-other and care for each-other when we are quiet inside and listening well. 

You are welcome to receive intuitive care from me, which may incorporate the some of the following according to your needs.



This massage relaxes, refreshes and restores your body, heart, and spirit for pelvic, reproductive and digestive health throughout your life. Gentle belly, low back, and pelvic massage aligns the organs of the pelvis, improves circulation, and balances hormones.  Sessions are infused with reiki, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and ayurvedic wisdom.  Maya Abdominal Massage comes to us from Maya midwives and curanderas in Central America. 



Holistic Pelvic Care was designed by my teacher Tami Lynn Kent MSPT and author of 'Wild Feminine'. This care provides gentle inter-vaginal massage and energetic balancing to restore, revitalize, and heal your pelvic bowl from within.  Sessions are infused with reiki, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and ayurvedic wisdom.



Kundalini Yoga awakens the divine feminine life force coiled at the root of the spine for a powerfully heart opening and liberating practice.  My teacher, Snatam Kaur, introduced this yoga to me, and I'm grateful for her, Yogi Bhajan and the 11 Sikh gurus of Northern India for carrying this ancient medicine to us.

Circles are a precious opportunity to connect and share with other women in a safe space.  Circles include medicine songs, women's health sharing, and meditations.      



This work came to me as a divine gift and I share it with you as such.  In a deep bow to my mother Rita, and to all my teachers, friends, and the natural world who have abundantly supported me, I am gifting sessions to all my clients.  You are not obligated to pay for a session.  You may offer to give money or goods toward sessions for other women.  This allows you to decide whether or not to gift care to another woman, and if so, how much is sustainable for you to give.  This gifting economy connects you to others, keeps my practice afloat and respects the priceless and precious nature of this work.  11% of all you give goes to Maya midwives in Guatemala and orphaned children in Northern India to give back to the people and cultures who've offered so much medicine to us.



How much you'd like to gift toward other womens' sessions is up to you.  A suggested sliding scale based on 'market' value is:

Gift an Initial session: $0-200

Gift a Follow-up session: $0-160

amrita. empowering health, spirit, and joy in the root of the female body